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Updated: Oct 15, 2019

In one of my latest social medial posts I promised to reveal this project within twenty four hours after publishing it (the post). Many came to me after that period and asked, in many cases judged me negatively, for not keeping my promise; some of them, to my delight, said they had checked numerous times for an update.

The reactions to the first reveal have been interesting. I’ve received praise for my writing style, messages of pride and excitement, questions about the nature of the case, and most importantly: intrigue.

To those who condemn me for breaking a promise I say that I didn’t; I kept my promise, I simply decided that it was important to share the first reveal with a specific group of people: people I thought would pass honest judgement about my involvement in the case. You see, this story and I don’t need simple, biased applause, all of us involved require honest criticism to remain frank about the undertaking, which is to tell a story about struggle and growth. Remember again, as I explicitly said in the first reveal, that we are not looking to romanticise the negative aspects of the case but to offer a tool for transformation and change for all those who read it.

As it was important to share this with the right group, it has been challenging to pick the right team to take the project forward. Lawyers, accountants, marketers… all of them very expensive and necessary components of any great venture, but finding the right person to put the story into words was difficult. Especially, someone who can convert the very specific projections of the personalities that make up this case. When you meet Kolt and Steel (both given names; one from birth, the other acquired while surviving the conditions of high-security imprisonment) you get a sense of power hidden under the need for redemption. A sense of surrender to the circumstance they created for themselves, and at the same time the realisation that those circumstances might be suboptimal, but that if change is possible, even this can be used to benefit the world.

Mr. Curry comes across as an unassuming, unpretentious man; someone who is on this planet to enjoy life and do anything necessary to provide the best for the people he loves. His demeanour is always balanced, his voice is steady – in thousands of hours of conversation I have not heard him raise his voice once – even when arguing for what he holds dear.

Mr. Ellis is big, almost intimidating in size and has the ability to befriend anyone, and I mean anyone he wants. We have posed challenges to him in social situations, and he has always been successful. There is a way about how he talks that is alluring; it draws you closer to him.

These men are powerful, they can change anyone’s mind; they can sell ice to Eskimos, as people used to say. Most importantly, they have an useful message to deliver.

My team is now comprised of many people, but a few of them will make all the difference: Kolt, Steel, my writer, a young and ambitious law student, and the ones I have yet to pull into this adventure. I’m coming for you soon.

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The book is currently in development and we are now accepting pre-orders.

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