New Project: Apprehensions and Obstacles

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

The media, as we know it, is an engine for social control. Now, arguing this statement at length would inevitably bring us to the crossroads of truth and conspiracy theory, a juncture we don’t want to visit at this point because it threatens to contaminate this story with unfair justifications and rationalisations. Remember that we are not willing to make anything to look like what it is not. This story is, after all, about redeeming the truth.

In one of my recent social media post I argued that a man by the name Simon Bolivar had accomplished more than Hannibal and Alexander the Great in terms of battles fought and peoples liberated and is still largely ignored by American and world history. To this fact someone replied that – It isn’t about what you do but about what people see – a truism that cannot be more indicative of how we perceive truth and any reasons for our actions. I’ll add that it isn’t only that people don’t have access to the truth, but that most of them simply don’t want it. It [the truth] is often difficult to find, and due to the baseness of man, and the lassitude, the utter laziness he enjoys living in, truth goes ignored.

This is one of the many apprehensions the team and I share, and it’s the main reason we need to play our cards close to the vest buttons, as people used to say. It’s important to all involved that this message be construed properly and represented well when it passes from one person to another.

Can you believe that I have already had to defend my position against people who insist on comparing me to Bernie Madoff or Jordan Belfort, or at the very least to a supporter of such individuals? Obviously, this makes the point that any personal association with such cases implies guilt. I should point out that these are people I have only spoken to about this project briefly. What a ridiculous proposition, such a ridiculous assumption that someone is guilty by mere association. Now, I should add that I could defend Belfort in a way that I couldn't see Madoff: two different stories with two different relationships to the truth.

It's funny how people try to judge a book after reading one chapter, somewhere in the middle of the book, a chapter that only serves to fill a gap by adding extra pages.

Let’s keep that silly and uncritical aspect of human nature in mind (and I’m sure it will resurface as we move through this journey.) as we explore the biggest obstacle to this project…

How do we convey this message properly to reach the largest amount of people? How do we tell this true story whilst presenting the right set of values? This is the most difficult part of the plan. I get a lot out of arguing against the current self-help literature, which is full of incomplete attempts to make people feel better about their own mediocrity. It’s simply too conventional to be any good. How do we tell the world that greed and desire are good within the limitations of compassion and responsibility? That there is always more to say about everything, even when that useless conventional wisdom will have us belief that the world is black and white?

It is imperative that we find the right way to deliver this message because if we fail at this, we fail the mission, we fail at everything. I do understand that you need to know more about the case in order to contemplate these questions suitably...

you can read about it here.


The book is in development and we are now accepting pre-orders.

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