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Our firm provides sales, marketing, and competitive intelligence solutions that guarantee operational success for businesses and individuals. Our team can train you to improve sales margins and targets, market your organization/yourself and product, understand your market sector by analyzing competitive strategies (competitive intelligence or what other successful entities are doing), and fraud/loss prevention. In short, we have what you need to ensure your company's safe and successful growth


Our project list is diverse and extensive. Because of the nature of our services, we are not limited by industry or product type. Ellis-Curry & Dracco is currently engaged in helping companies and individuals in the book publishing arena, Social media marketing, sales training, and law enforcement. Because our services are the basics required to succeed in any business or industry, we can help anyone who is looking for that competitive edge that often makes the difference between success and failure. 



The Ellis-Curry & Dracco team is a balanced combination of emerging talent and industry veterans. Part of our senior management has a distinct history; a topic discussed by high-level politicians and justice officials around the world. Our involvement in the global financial sectors is the subject of books and future film productions.  

Experience and talent are on our side and by extension yours. 



Ellis-Curry & Dracco is born out of one simple, yet often overlooked necessity: The need for competitive intelligence.  According to Wikipedia, many business and personal failures happen because of several factors that are beyond individuals' control like war and recessions, or heavy government regulations and taxation. However, most failures are directly linked to circumstances that are manageable through better decision-making. These circumstances include but are not limited to: poor management decisions, insufficient marketing, inability to compete with other similar businesses/people, and lack of interest from the public in the business's offerings.  

We may not be able to stop a war (we are still growing), but the solutions to poor management and marketing - to needing a competitive edge - are precisely what our team can give you. 


Established in 2006, Ellis-Curry & Dracco (formerly Ellis & Dracco) has helped many achieve their business and personal goals by exceeding industry standards. 


Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


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